Other Financial Advisory Services

Financial Advisory

Building on a solid foundation of in-depth regional experience, China Advisors provides clients with innovative and practical financial advice tailored specifically to their needs.

Corporate Advisory and Portfolio Restructuring

China Advisors leverages its asset management expertise to help companies to create, enhance, restore or realize the value of businesses and investment portfolios. We provide creative solutions to cater for corporate investors as well as private equity firms. Mergers, acquisitions, trade sales, structured financing, joint ventures and strategic alliances or a combination of these methods are adopted with the ultimate objective being to maximize the value of the client’s assets.

Commercial Disputes

With globalisation, companies are now working with a broader range of partners. Disputes are inevitable. Companies often face the difficulty of understanding the options for resolving their disputes or how to achieve a resolution within the Asian context. China Advisors can provide clients with their experience in the Asian markets to determine the best approach to resolving their disputes and assisting in implementing the resolution.

Example: Minority Shareholder Dispute

We were engaged by the minority shareholders, including a leading financial institution, to achieve an exit from their investment in a British Virgin Islands investment company with interests in hotels and publishing, in which the minorities were being abused. After several months of fruitless discussions with the majority shareholder to purchase the interest, we recommend an exit strategy by way of a winding up the company on just and equitable grounds. Immediately after commencement of the filing of a winding up petition, the majority shareholder settled the dispute on satisfactory terms for our clients, resulting in substantial recoveries after settlement of all fees and costs.